I've written a few times before about how utterly and relentlessly bizarre the Superman books have been since Rebirth, but if you haven't been reading them, allow me to sum up: Superman died, and was replaced by the Superman from two reboots ago, who brought with him the Lois Lane from two reboots ago and their son, Jonathan, who made his debut during Convergence. Unfortunately, he also seems to have brought Doomsday and the Eradicator along with him, and a couple weeks ago, the Eradicator ate Krypto the Super-Dog. No, seriously. That happened.

This week, in Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Doug Mahnke's Superman #5, Superman finally decided that the best thing to do about the Eradicator would be to take the fight outside of Metropolis, so he took it to the one place that he knows he has the advantage. In case you missed it, this week saw Superman and Lois Lane fighting the Eradicator in the Batcave. No, the other Batcave. The one on the moon.



Oh but wait, it gets better.

The big idea here is that Batman needs a place that he can test his inventions that are too dangerous to keep in the anti-crime basement that sits below his ancestral home, so he invested what has to be several billion dollars and an afternoon of Green Lantern's time building an extra secret space Batcave on the moon, and then filled it with robot bats. That's not the amazing part.

The amazing part is that, once Superman also gets eaten by the Eradicator, it's up to Lois Lane to fight him in a suit of mecha-Batman moon armor called the Hellbat.



That's just one week's worth of what's going down in the Superman comics right now. I'd say that in five years, we're all going to be amazed that Superman comics this weird were happening at the start of a new relaunch, but frankly, I'm pretty amazed now.