Ever since I first saw Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer enter this world by literally crashing through a wall on motorcycles shaped like guitars, I knew they were destined for bigger things. Sure, they're a little villainous, and they're definitely antagonistic, but there's no way that they were going to spend all of their times playing second fiddle to Little Miss Pink-Hair and the Singalongs, right?

Now, the time in the spotlight has finally come for everyone's favorite mischief-makers: At San Diego Comic-Con, IDW announced an upcoming Misfits series, spinning out of the events of the ongoing Jem and the Holograms comic, written by Kelly Thompson with covers by M. Victoria Robado, and interiors by an artist to be announced later.

When reached for comment, Thompson had this to say about the series:

We're very excited about The Misfits getting a chance to have their own spotlight, especially since everyone knows their 'songs are better.' It's a really great time for it too, because with the introduction of The Stingers into the regular Jem book we're just stupid full of characters, so this will give everyone some elbow room. Not that that will stop The Misfits from throwing elbows, but I'm really excited for the chance to see The Misfits grow in their own book, and especially to tell the story of how they all came together in the first place."

She's not kidding, either. With the arrival of the Stingers, the long-awaited first appearance of Raya, and the addition of Blaze to the Misfits' lineup, the main cast of Jem has grown quite a bit over the past few months --- and that's before you get to Rio, Eric Raymond, the Starlight Girls, and the fantastic wonder that is Techrat. With another series to spread out, the dream of a full-on Jemiverse may finally be coming true.


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