Despite the obvious stereotypes about "Star Trek" fans, they often defy easy categorization, and can even count artist Edward Gorey among their number. The master of the macabre Victorian cartoon, Gorey once gave an interview with "The Boston Globe" in the late 1970s where he admitted to becoming a devotee after watching TV for the first time:

"He watched the science-fiction program re-runs twice a day, five times a week, and once on the sixth day, and despite the faithful viewing has yet to see the show's most famous episode, 'The Trouble With Tribbles,' which is about these little furry creatures in outer space, or so he says."

Creator Shaenon K. Garrity took note of this fascinating fact, commenting "Alas, for what might have been!" Even better, Garrity decided to correct this historical gap personally, drawing her own imagining of the "Tribbles" episode in the style of Gorey. The results are fantastically spot on, and the full series must be seen to be appreciated.