Best known for his artwork in titles from IDW Publishing's Star Trek and Doctor Who franchises, Fallen Angel, and for numerous covers for multiple publishers, artist JK Woodward is among those Americans who was left without a home and nearly all his belongings after Hurricane Sandy finally passed last weekend. The artist and his wife are unhurt but in serious need of assistance. To that end, Woodward has authorized the sale of original painted artwork from Star Trek: The Next Generation /Doctor Who: Assimilation2 and will also be producing a selection of prints of older work and superhero commissions that we think you'll find pretty tempting. "My wife and I recently suffered a huge loss from Hurricane Sandy. Our home was lost along with almost everything we own," Woodward wrote on his blog. "I'm currently coming up with some fund raising ideas to get us back on our feet and into a home where we can start to rebuild."

A large number of pages from Star Trek TNG/DoctorWho: Assimilation2 series are available now from Cadence Comic Art. Here are some samples:

Additionally, Woodward is taking orders for prints based on the following illustrations. Available for just two weeks, all these prints are 11x17" and cost $15 for U.S. customers, $25 for European and $30 for worldwide.

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