Relaunching comic books with all-new numbering and different takes on familiar characters is nothing new in the cyclical world of super-hero comics, with the upcoming DC Comics line-wide relaunch as the latest and greatest example. Giving titles a fresh start without the baggage of old stories can add new life to characters -- or completely miss the point in very fundamental ways.

With that in mind, we've commissioned an original art series of Indie Reboots from Kevin Mellon (Heart, Lovestruck), imagining how some of the most iconic independent comics might look today if they went through the Big Two reboot machine. Next up: Scott Pilgrim #1 Rebooted.

Solicitation text:

Scott Pilgrim came to the big city full of big dreams about making it as a rap-metal mega-star -- at least, until he met Ramona Flowers, the gorgeous hooker-cum-drug mule that he couldn't seem to get out of his mind. When Ramona finally tries to break ties with her pimp Gideon Graves -- a vicious crime lord who has been flooding the streets of Toronto with a dangerous new drug called "Glow" -- only Scott can save her from the consortium of increasingly deadly hitmen that Gideon sends to take her out. Can the two star-crossed lovers find a way to survive as they spiral deeper and deeper into a gritty, grisly world where life and death is little more than a game, and men are murdered for pocket change? 168 PGS. Explicit Content.

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