Not long after announcing the upcoming Infinite Crisis multiplayer online Battle arena game Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turbine have rolled out two new "Champion Profile" videos spotlighting combatants Wonder Woman (New 52 style) and Nightmare Batman (from the Batman & Dracula trilogy by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones).

Wonder Woman is referred to as a powerful tank, who can shield her opponents. Her passive ability regenerates health when life is low and her attacks include a lasso grab. She can also taunt enemies with her bracelets and bounce back damage while opening foes up to ally attacks.

Nightmare Batman, on the other hand, is a more melee-based character who steals life with every attack in true vampire form, throws a vampire batarang, creates an invisibility-creating bat warm and claws at enemies with savageness and a feral embrace move. You can check out the promotional footage after the jump, but note as Turbine does, that all the footage and info is from the game's Alpha build and subject to change.

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