Following an Xbox 360 avatar costume reveal and some other online clues, WB and NetherRealm have cut loose with footage of the last-to-be-revealed playable fighters, Killer Frost and Ares, pummeling each other in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Batman Beyond is even joining the game's post-apocalyptic-ish landscape via a special Batman skin. In addition, there's a new launch trailer reinforcing the game's hero/villain alliances.

Killer Frost's icicle-y moves are befitting of her cold nature, while Ares mostly sticks to chucking swords, axes and other ancient weapons around. The blue-hued Firestorm and Wonder Woman baddies just have a passion for trashin' opponents with pointy objects, it seems.

Unlike the Stephen Amell-voiced Arrow skin, this Batman Beyond look seems like it'll probably retain Bruce Wayne in the costume as voiced by longtime Bat-actor Kevin Conroy. That should suit fans just fine as long as he doesn't have a heart attack mid-fight. Fans will find out for sure next Tuesday, however, when Injustice arrives in stores.

[Via Gamespot/DC]

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