If you and your friends are Jem girls with an incredibly large amount of disposable income, get ready for showtime. After the announcement at San Diego of a new line of dolls featuring Jerrica Benton's rock star alter ego, the New York Comic-Con has brought new images of the upcoming line of Jem dolls, featuring Jerrica, Jem, Synergy and a decidedly Flock-Of-Seagulls-ed up Rio. Check 'em out after the cut! The set of dolls, available to preorder for $125 a piece, includes record executive and orphan collector Jerrica Benton (seen here in fashionably slimming vertical stripes and unfashionably clashing Jemstar earrings), Jem in her classic pink and white stage outfit (which is actually just a hologram, for those days when Jerrica can't be bothered to get out of her sweatpants before rocking tunes like "Twilight In Paris"), sound engineer and erstwhile purple-haired boyfriend Rio with a gym bag and a pair of boat shoes, and computer-generated madre ex machina, Synergy.





[Via Integrity]