With its Iron Man 3 mobile tie-in video game set to debut on iOS and Android devices on April 25, Gameloft has released yet another trailer for the endless runner. In the freemium Iron Man 3 - the Official Game, players will "Control Stark Industries" and have the ability to develop up to 18 suits from both the Marvel movieverse and comic books, upgrading them throughout the game to complete missions filled with foe-blasting.

As an endless runner, the gameplay seems geared mostly toward flying around, shooting targets and collecting currency that's presumably used to upgrade and collect armors. Given the game's "freemium" status, though, players will surely have the opportunity to spend like Tony Stark should they want to gear up on the quick.

Suits seen in the trailer include IM3's main Mark 42 getup, along with the new Iron Patriot armor, the War Machine armor, the Mark V suitcase suit from IM2, the new Mark 26 Starboost armor, the Mark 25 Striker armor, the Mark 35 Red Snapper suit and more. Kotaku's got a full breakdown of all 18 armors, however, if you can't wait to discover all of them in the game itself.

You can see more of Iron Man 3 - The Official Game in action below.

[Via Gameloft]

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