The minds behind Sega's latest Iron Man video game won't be returning for a threequel. It appears the gaming company has closed its San Francisco-based studio, formerly known as Secret Level.

Kotaku reports that Sega made the cut late last week, just shy of one month before the May 4 release of its final effort, "Iron Man 2: The Game."

The first IM title wasn't incredibly well received given its general lack of sophistication and failure to immerse players in a significant Iron Man experience (I personally found it repetitive at best and buggy at worst). Early looks at IM2 seemed to show signs of improvement over the original - namely Matt Fraction's involvement in writing the game augmented by vastly improved visuals.

We'll know a lot more about the now-defunct studio's work next month when the "Iron Man 2" film and its video game component see release. With any luck, it'll please fans and serve as a strong entry in the portfolios of those now looking for new work.
[Via Kotaku]

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