Groo: Hell on Earth #1 coverPress Release

After twenty-five years, your favorite dim-witted barbarian is the world's only hope. If you've loved Groo over the past quarter of a century, you can't miss Groo: Hell on Earth. The gang's all back-multiple Eisner Award winner and Eisner Hall of Fame member Sergio Aragonés, Emmy nominated writer Mark Evanier, world renowned colorist Tom Luth, and letterer Stan Sakai-bring the first of four apocalyptic issues that are certain to rock your world.

The end is near. The world is faced with insurmountable disasters-the planet getting hotter, glaciers melting, air becoming unbreatheable-that's even before Groo gets involved in them. You can imagine how much worse things get with him around. Talk about going from worse to even worse. The only good thing is that Groo is back and celebrating twenty-five years of laughs!

"It's a joy to be back doing Groo again," says Mark Evanier, "even if we did have to darn near destroy the world in this storyline."

"He's the same old Groo as always," Sergio Aragonés replies, "just as stupid, just as destructive. Taking a little time off has not made him any smarter or less dangerous!"

This 32-page, fully colored graphic novel will be available to purchase on October 3, 2007 for just $2.99.

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