Rocky and Bullwinkle have had a few comics series to their names over the past few decades (often with the two characters' names transposed in the title), from publishers including Dell, Gold Key, Charlton and Marvel.

But never before have the characters gotten a series with the creative pedigree of IDW's new Rocky & Bullwinkle series by writer Mark Evanier (Groo the Wanderer and lots of biographical work on Jack Kirby) and artist Roger Langridge (Popeye, The Muppet Show). Stephanie Buscema will also provide variant covers. The series hits comic store shelves this March.

“I grew up, to the extent I grew up, on these characters,” Evanier said in an IDW press release. “I watched Rocky and His Friends the first day it was on and I got a lot of my sense of humor, such as it is, from those cartoons."

Langridge added that he wasn't able to watch the TV show in his home country of New Zealand, but he loved the comic strips by Al Kilgore.

Each issue will be a self-contained Rocky and Bullwinkle story, according to the release, and will also include a Dudley Do-Right backup story.

What of Fractured Fairy Tales, you ask? IDW, Dreamworks Animation and Bullwinkle Studios don't appear to have any immediate plans for it (unlike the ongoing Mr. Peabody and Sherman title by Sholly Fisch and Jorge Monlongo that launched in November), but who knows? If this series does well, there may be something down the line for it, too.


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