There may come a day when there is enough Archie-related media out there to satisfy me, but friends, it is not this day. That's why I'm pretty stoked about the new announcement that the Riverdale gang is returning to animation with It's Archie, a new cartoon that promises "everyday issues like peer pressure, boy vs. girl competition, pie eating contests, chores and homework. However in this world they encounter loopy capers involving mad scientists, aliens in the janitor’s closet, pirates, lake monsters and more."



The presence of mad scientists (presumably Mad Doctor Doom) and tentacle monsters explains why the logo has that atomic-age design to it. Either that, or they've just leaked that Fallout 4 is going to be a crossover with Archie Comics, something that I am 100% down for. Either way, I really like the character designs, although re-classifying America's Typical Teens as twelve year-olds is a little worrying, especially given my feelings on the last time they tried that tactic.

Still, I'm looking forward to it. The show is set to be produced by MoonScoop, the French animation company that's also responsible for the upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch animated series, set to debut on the Hub later this year. They're probably best known to comics fans as the producers of the Fantastic Four cartoon from a few years ago where the Thing's costume involved a big 4 spraypainted on his chest, but Wikipedia lists one of their best-known series as Hero: 108, which sounds amazing:

A long time ago humans and animals lived together in harmony. But a wicked wizard named High Roller controlled 2 animals and tricked the other animals into thinking that humans were their enemies. Chaos reigned until a group of warriors, Lin Chung, Jumpy Ghostface, Mystique Sonia, Commander ApeTrully, Mr. No Hands, and Mighty Ray, had joined forces to end the war.

Jumpy Ghostface, you guys. Jumpy Ghostface.

The show is in production now, and will be looking for a home later this year at Cannes.




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