I'll admit that when I heard that J.H. Williams III is doing art for Blondie, I was more surprised than anything else. I mean, I'm as big a fan of Williams as the next person, and if there's anything we've learned from his work on books like Batwoman, Promethea and Seven Soldiers, it's that he can provide pretty beautiful art in a variety of styles. I just never expected him to turn his talents to the world of a three-panel newspaper strip is all. That said, I am pretty stoked about seeing him draw one of Dagwood's signature massive sandwiches. Can you imagine the detail --

What? Oh, he's doing art for Blondie the band? Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.

As revealed at Williams' website, Blondie's new album Ghosts of Download is set for a release on May 13, alongside a "Greatest Hits" album, for which Williams did not provide the art. There are a few differences between the CD and vinyl versions, too, although the magic of the Internet means you can see a few of the pieces, which Williams describes as being inspired by an attempt to marry the organic and digital, right here:






To see more, and order the album, you can head over to J.H. Williams III's website!