While he's had his hand in many corners of the DC Universe writing "The Brave and the Bold," J. Michael Straczynski is poised to more directly tackle two thirds of the publisher's heroic trinity this summer. Beginning this July, fans are going to be seeing a whole lot more of the writer as he takes on two of the publisher's most iconic monthly titles with "Superman" #701 and "Wonder Woman" #601.

The Source has the full scoop on Straczynski's new DC duties, which will precede another new project due later this fall, "Superman: Earth One." Featuring art by Shane Davis, "Earth One" (coupled with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's "Batman: Earth One") will be released as an OGN and reimagine the heroes' earliest adventures standalone style.

Describing his new gigs as a "dream come true" at The Source, Stracynski mentions his plan to return the Kryptonian hero to his roots while contemporizing Wonder Woman in a way that retains her uniqueness. Both tasks are a tall order, especially following Gail Simone's run on WW and the New Krypton-centric arcs by James Robinson and others on Superman. Still, I think a lot of fans will be happy to give the previous writer of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," "The Real Ghostbusters" -- not to mention "Changeling" -- their monthly attention when the two debut titles hit this summer.