Last year, I posted about a convention sketchbook I'd started themed around characters created or co-created by the legendary Jack Kirby, with ten great sketches from the artists I'd met at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. This year's HeroesCon was held last weekend, so to mark the anniversary -- and to share some fantastic pieces of art -- I thought an update was in order.

Check out another round of interpretations of the King of Comics by artists like Colleen Coover, Roger Langridge, Tim Seeley and more after the cut!

Doctor Doom by Chris Hastings

The Hulk by Brian Hurtt

Klarion the Witch Boy by Chuck BB

Arnim Zola by Steve Epting

Crystal by Robert Wilson IV

Granny Goodness by Sanford Greene

Devil Dinosaur by Tim Seeley

The Enchantress by Colleen Coover

Loki by JoJo Seames

The Human Torch by Jarrett Williams

Fin Fang Foom by Roger Langridge

Cyclops by Chad Thomas

Marvel Girl by Jordan Witt

Captain America by Rashad Doucet

The Black Racer by Ron Salas

Mr. Fantastic by David Marquez

Annihilus by Chris Schweizer

Click on each artist's name to see more of their amazing work, and if you'd like to get a sketch or two of your own, watch for them at your next convention or check on their website for commission prices!

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