At some point along a spectrum between Mike Allred's razor-sharp line work and Jeff Lemire's fleshy faces, illustrator James Harren has carved out a style that Paul Pope fans should be able to appreciate. You may recognize his work from Marvel's "Heralds" miniseries, but unless you've visited his online portfolio or asked him for a commission at a show, you haven't seen his ink-tastic versions of Venom, Darkseid and Batman, which he even captioned as an homage to Pope.

Pope should be flattered, too, because it's a fine piece of work. The Caped Crusader, Nightcrawler and Deadpool can all be found in a gallery on Harren's deviantART account. His blog keeps up with his most recent art exercises, though, and you'll see some fascinating insights into his process if you spend some time clicking through the archives.

Mosey on down below and we'll share his Rocketeer and a handful of other favorites with you that we spotted what marveling at his skills.