If you had to guess what six comic book artists would do first on a trip to Tokyo, you might feel there were just too many choices to narrow it down. It's a big city with a lot of history and a huge number of tourist destinations, from the culture to the food. But then you'd probably remember that you're talking about people in comics, and then you'd realize that of course the first thing they're going to do is go shopping for manga.

That, at least, is the impression that I got from watching a video from Felix Comic Art, a company dealing in original pages, that took six of its artists on a trip to Tokyo last month and documented the entire thing in a fun little ten-minute travelogue. Give it a watch!

The artists taken on the trip included BPRD's James HarrenManhattan Projects artist Nick PitarraEast of West's Nick DragottaCatwoman and Black Road artist Garry BrownProphet's Daniel Warren Johnson, and Five Ghost's Chris Mooneyham, who spent a few days seeing the sights in Tokyo --- and, if the video is any indication, taking every opportunity to hit up the local comic shops on the way. But, you know, I'd do the same thing, even if my trip would definitely include getting out of Tokyo to visit that Kamen Rider museum.

Either way, it's pretty fun to see a bunch of talented artists essentially taking a field trip to somewhere other than a convention, something that I'd really like to see more of. For more information, check out Felix Comic Art's website.


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