James Stoke's sufficiently blown up in recent years with the acclaimed launch of his ongoing Orc-Stain series at Image, the collection of his stylized Godzilla: Half Century War story at IDW and other high-profile projects, but the series many fans discovered him through has been getting harder and harder to find of late. That all changes in July when Oni Press reissues the first two volumes of Stokoe's Wonton Soup in a single trade paperback collection (a Wontomnibus???) sporting a brand new cover.

From Oni's official solicitation info:

James Stokoe's crazy space trucker cooking epic returns to print bigger and badder than ever before! Join Johnny Boyo and Deacon as they cruise the intergalactic superhighways in search of legendary ingredients and amazing adventure. Collects Wonton Soup volumes 1 and 2 in one heaping helping of gory goulash from the creator of Godzilla: The Half-Century War and Orc Stain.

The first volume of Wonton Soup was released in 2007, followed by a second in 2009. Both volumes have been out of print of late, but the July release of the new WS trade paperback, along with a corresponding digital release on ComiXology will ensure fans will have easy access to the material (effectively) evermore. Additionally, the new version will be larger than its former digest-sized incarnation and measure 6” x 9”.

Oni's got 39 pages from Vol. 1 available to check out as the July release date draws nearer.


Wonton Soup Oni
Oni Press/James Stokoe


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