Normally, when you see a news story that's focusing on an alarming new trend among high school students, it's almost always someone trying to terrify adults with the knowledge that children are, I don't know, texting. Today, however, some truly shocking photos have been uncovered, revealing that the hottest trend among teenagers in Japan is focusing their mystical energies through a mastery of the martial arts and then blasting each other across the room.

Or, you know, maybe they're just pretending to use Dragon Ball Z attacks and then putting pictures on Twitter because it's hilarious. Personally, I prefer to think that these young ladies have finally unlocked their true power, fueled, no doubt, by a sudden infusion of Super Saiyan foodstuffs. Check out a few of the most awesome/terrifying examples below!

One wonders what's keeping these ki-powered youngsters from running rampant, but I have it on good authority that underclassmen have started work on a 10-story-tall robot. More as it develops.

[via Kotaku]

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