Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi may have retired from his role in shaping Japan's political future, but that doesn't mean he's done impacting his nation's nerd culture. This December, Koizumi voices the patronly Ultraman King in the latest chapter of the Ultraman saga, "Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie."

According to Reuters, the 67-year-old Elvis fan and pop culture aficionado most likely won't be battling aliens (in previous incarnations, Ultraman King was more like a Yoda from "Empire" than "Attack of the Clones" despite being rumored to be the most powerful dude on the scene), viewers can probably expect some major world-saving on plain ol' Ultraman's part.A Tsuburaya Productions spokesman said Koizumi was selected based on his ability to bring people together, a characteristic his Ultraman King character is known for.

What does Koizumi think? Turns out he consulted his son (and political successor of sorts) to make sure voice acting was kosher given his prime minister background.

"(My son) Shinjiro said I should be in it, that he liked it when he was a kid," Koizumi was shown on television as saying. "He said it's not related to politics so it should be okay."

The family that protects Japan from aliens together stays together, right?