Apologies to anyone in marketing who might be reading this, but video game ads don't usually do much to get me excited. I think the last one that really made an impact was the one for Saints Row IV where they misspelled the name of the game and then went back to correct it all while blaring dubstep, and showing you explosions, but even that wasn't exactly "memorable," you know?

Now imagine that you're heading over to the department store, thinking about picking up a new video game, and you round the corner to see Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece in the middle of a life-sized brawl that has shattered the street, snapped a lamppost and flipped a car. Well, if you're heading to the Shibuya Parco store in Tokyo, that's exactly what you'll see, as an awesome promo for the upcoming J-Stars Victory Vs. And it is awesome.




The 30' wide installation (or, you know, 10 meters if you're into the whole metric thing) is promoting the kinds of "dream matches" that you can get in the amazingly named J-Stars Victory Vs., a fighting game featuring characters from the 45-year history of Shueisha's (Viz's, here in the U.S.) weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Not only do Luffy and Goku make appearances along with other characters from One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, but there are also characters representing Ruroni Kenshin, Fist of the North Star, Naruto and more.

As of right now, though, Luffy and Goku are the only ones who have made it into the real world, which is probably for the best. Given how much destruction those two are causing in one ad, getting any more would probably leave no cars unflipped in the entirety of Tokyo.



The game is out this Wednesday in Japan on PS3 and Vita, and while there don't appear to be plans for an American release yet, the presence of several familiar characters in the roster might lead to one eventually. If you're curious, check the twelve-minute video below where the whole dang roster is revealed: