It's not as if we haven't seen action figures based on Vertigo Comics characters in the past, but it's certainly a rarer practice than, say, the reproduction of your many Wolverine, Spider-Man, Superman and Batman toys - which is exactly why Jason Aaron must be pretty thrilled that someone thought of "Scalped" during a custom toymaking venture.

On his official website, Aaron linked to Loose Collector's custom made Lincoln Red Crow action figure, representing the morally ambiguous - okay, morally awful - antagonist of "Scalped." Sadly, there's not much information in terms of an ingredients list, but judging by how much Red Crow's head sculpt looks like it came directly out of R.M. Guera's sketch book, it's possible that most or all of this figure is an original sculpt. (Editor's note: I think I see some DC Universe Classics parts - Caleb)

Now if Loose Collector would make a whole line of Vertigo customs (starting with the Saint of all Killers, please) equal in quality to that Red Crow figure, I'd be pretty darn happy. Who wants to help me kick off a campaign?

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