Comic fans, Twitter addicts and those with a reasonable disdain for Miley Cyrus were in for a real treat this past Saturday when writer Jason Aaron's ("Wolverine," "Ghost Rider") jest about the opportunities presented by Disney's $4 billion acquisition of Marvel Comics was featured as a quiz question on NPR and Chicago Public Radio's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me."

The question (in the form of an answer): "We can now officially have the Punisher target the entire cast of Hannah Montana -- that was a Tweet by a comic artist that was responding to the big news that who was buying Marvel Comics"

The contestant answered the question correctly, although they weren't able to identify the comic creator who Tweeted the statement. In all fairness, it wasn't an easy question considering Aaron was identified as an artist rather than a writer. His Tweet's inclusion in the quiz is still a pretty cool - especially since it was used to sum up the true (in my opinion) potential of the Disney's Marvel purchase.

"Ha! My Disney/Marvel tweet about Punisher going after Hannah Montana was quoted on "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" today," Tweeted Aaron in response.

You can listen to the audio at the 7:40 marker after the jump...

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