Jason Heuser renders full-body characters with a dark, movie-ready Eastman-and-Laird-meet-Adi-Granov kind of mystique. More importantly, however, he's used his talents to render glamorous shots of Teddy Roosevelt shooting up Bigfoot, George Washington liberating some zombies from existence and Abraham Lincoln riding the heck out of a grizzly bear.
This guy's really a national treasure, and if any of the presidential candidates in 2012 run on the platform of getting his work into the Smithsonian's portrait gallery, they might get my vote. Heuser shares his stuff on deviantART, and if you love American history or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you need to see the wonders that away you in his gallery.

Heuser's Bebop, Rocksteady and Raphael are all badass and cover-worthy, though the Rocksteady piece contains extra helpings of awesome, thanks to his Wu-Tang Clan belt buckle-speaking of which, can we get an SDCC action figure exclusive of that up in here?

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