While Ray Palmer didn't require reanimating during "Blackest Night," the size-changing hero is nonetheless finding new life during this summer's "Brightest Day" care of "Sweet Tooth" creator Jeff Lemire and "Dynamo 5" artist Mahmud Asrar (with a cover by Gary Frank).

The Ray Palmer action begins in the "Brightest Day: The Atom" #1 one-shot before springing into an ongoing "Adventure Comics" #516 co-feature this July and Editor Brian Cunningham seemed pretty stoked on the new creative team over at The Source.

Spiraling out of our next major event, writer Jeff Lemire worked with the 'Brightest Day' crew and myself to really take a microscope to Ray's early life and show how certain key events led a nerdy science whiz to the unlikely life of a superhero. And the stuff that Jeff came up with really impressed me. It's a story worthy of Ray Palmer.

I'm personally pretty split on co-features. I enjoy seeing top-tier creators tackle characters without ongoing series of their own, but being impatient, I usually dig more substantial fare month-to-month. As a pretty avid Lemire fan, however, I'll be checking this one out.

See the full cover image after the jump.

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