It seems like just yesterday that Jeff Lemire was writing critically-acclaimed, Eisner-nominated indie books, like the "Essex County" series from Top Shelf, but I was still getting "who?" reactions from my superhero-centric friends when I mentioned his name. No more! The Source announced today that Lemire -- who also recently wrote the "Brightest Day: Atom" one-shot -- will be scripting a new "Superboy" ongoing series later this year, with art from Pier Gallo. The duo will kick off their run with a backup feature in "Action Comics" #892 in August. Some art:

It's a big week for Lemire, whose Vertigo book "Sweet Tooth," about a little boy with antlers in a post-apocalyptic world, just released its first trade. I've enjoyed that series a lot, and if you're interested in seeing more work from the man about to script the Boy of Steel, you can download the first issue for free right now. That's as good as prices get.

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