There's a lot to celebrate about the 20th anniversary of Jeff Smith's Cartoon Books, namely the birth of the all-ages Bone in 1991 and Smith's latest, more mature series RASL in 2008. Each series has been collected a number of different ways in print in the past, but starting today the first 11 issues of Bone and the up-to-date run of RASL will be available digitally via comiXology. What's more, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can now download individual Bone and RASL apps, which house Bone #1 and RASL #1 for free, with every other issue in each series on sale for $0.99 July 14-19.After July 19, Bone and RASL issues will cost $1.99 per issue, which in the case of RASL is still $1.50 less than the cover price.

From comiXology's official press release:

"comiXology is on the pulse of what readers want in the digital world," said Jeff Smith, creator of Bone. "Based on popular demand, we couldn' t be more delighted to bring Bone to its community of loyal fans and now for the first time ever, on the iPad."

This isn't the first time Bone has gone digital, but it is the first time the entirety of the series will eventually be made available on digital devices. In 2008 Universal Uclick translated the first issue into a mobile format for the iPhone but stopped production after the first issue.

No word on whether comiXology will offer digital collected editions of either series yet, but it seems like an option worth pursuing in an age where many Bone fans grew up reading the series in hardcover or trade paperback volumes.

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