Though updates on the status of Warner Bros. and Animal Logic's CG animated adaptation of Jeff Smith's epic Bone series have been few and far between over the past year or so, Smith fans have new movie hope in the form of the creator's current black and white series, RASL. According to Deadline Lionel Wigram, the producer credited with taking Sherlock Holmes from novel to comic to film franchise, has a RASL project in the works.RASL's classified as sci-fi noir, which is pretty appropriate given its mature subject matter. Protagonist Rasl is a dimension hopping thief who indulges in sex and booze between battling his former US government employers and meeting the divine -- to say the least.

Deadline doesn't specify if Wigram is pursuing a live action or an animated movie, but given the ongoing scarcity of animated Hollywood releases aimed at the PG-13 + crowd, live action seems like the more likely choice.

RASL's inspired its share of completely unwarranted comparisons (well, just one) to Full House in these parts, but it really does seemed more poised for a feature film than a television sitcom. Just imagine its potential for licensed merchandise. Fans wouldn't have to bake their own RASL birthday cakes anymore.

[Via Deadline]