Jeff Stokely has worked as a character designer for Mattel's Max Steel and Masters of the Universe toy lines and illustrated game cards for Cryptozoic and Square Enix, but some of his most striking pieces of art are his black-and-white illustrations, which paint dramatic portraits of characters like Judge Dredd and Doctor Doom or serve as poster-worthy tributes to movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

It's rather interesting to look at the black-and-white and color portfolios on Stokely's site; in some cases, the illustrations are the same, but take on rather different tones once they've been colored. A touch of pink really can go a long way.

Stokely is also the artist on the Simon Spurrier-authored Six-Gun Gorilla and Reasons for Dragons, written by Chris Northrop. You can follow his latest artwork on Tumblr.

On a related note, there's not nearly enough Brotherhood of the Wolf fanart in the world. Someone needs to remedy that.