You know, just once it might be nice for humanity to awaken an ancient and forgotten threat to the planet that has mellowed out in the years that it's been sealed away, and doesn't want to destroy the planet when it emerges from its eternal slumber. I mean, yes, that would probably not give us a very entertaining story, what with the lack of conflict, but who wouldn't want to see elder unknowable horror from the stars maybe getting a cupcake or catching up on Netflix instead of immediately trying to destroy us for the hubris of our species?

Alas, that is not the case for the characters in Jerry Frissen and Peter Snejbjerg's World War X, published by Titan, in which a set of ancient artifacts unleash monsters poised to annihilate the entire human race in a war that we are clearly not ready for. The Netflix queue, it seems, will remain unwatched.

Readers are probably most familiar with Peter Snejbjerg from his work illustrating the second half of Starman with writer James Robinson for DC, which made him one of my all-time favorites. More than anything else, that's a run that had the contrast between humanity and strange adventure --- including trips to space where Jack Knight had to battle it out with weird alien monsters --- that seems to be exactly what World War X is bringing to the table. Put it all together, and it definitely seems like something I'd want to see, especially after the trailer and the preview pages:






The first of three volumes of World War X drops in April as a 56-page original graphic novel for $9.99.