If the Internet has made one societal advancement possible, it's both the prevalence and quality of parodies and mashups referencing Jeff and Bill Keane's "Family Circus." Urlesque's roundup featuring "Scott Meets Family Circus," "The Other Family" and the classic "Dysfunctional Family Circus" among others is a triumphant reminder of that. Of course, even tried-and-true lampoonage needs can use some fresh blood now and then, which is where "Jersey Circus" comes in. MTV's "Jersey Shore" + FC scratches the amped up ironic contrast itch just as well as its peers and serves to spoof two pop culture icons in one welcome dose.Featuring mashups from a roundtable of contributors, the deadpan "Jersey Circus" mission statement says it all:

We strive to reconcile our guilty delight in Jersey Shore, a bastion of trash, with our eye-rolling fondness for the Family Circus. We do this by juxtaposing the two in a very literal sense. We think you'll agree that something important is being done here.

Check out a smattering of our favorites from the site below:

[Via Urlesque]

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