Humanity's new omnideity Charlie Sheen has already asserted himself in the two-dimensional realm of comic books by way of cartoonist Michael Kupperman, who drew the ceaselessly bitchin' and winnin' Two and a Half Men star into the very first strip of Peanuts, causing a cosmic domino effect by which Charlie Brown was obliterated from all printed record. Sheen's latest incursion into 2D space is perhaps a more welcome one, as his inspirational divinations plainly improve Family Circus, which shall henceforth be known as Sheen Family Circus.Produced by bloggers Jon L. and Chris D., Sheen Family Circus very simply remixes artwork from Bill and Jeff Keane's venerable comic strip with the immortal words of Charlie Sheen, the celebrity we have always wanted. The results are predictably hilarious or bleak, depending on the level of faith you have in Sheen's new world order.

Should their clever joke end up on late night television, the creators of Sheen Family Circus will hopefully receive some credit for it -- unlike poor Michael Kupperman, whose brilliant Peanuts-Sheen gag was straight up ganked by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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