As you know, we've been gravely concerned with Charlie Sheen's activities in the two-dimensional universe of comics. Like the evil Anti-Monitor of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the increasingly depraved and demented Two and a Half Men star has been rampaging through the fictional worlds of our most beloved characters; speaking through them, banging their girlfriends or even supplanting them all together. We've asked ourselves, who has the powers of comics and madness in quantities great enough to transcend realities and defeat the Sheen? Who could possibly rescue from this horrible meta nightmare?

In retrospect, the answer was obvious."Show of hands for DEADPOOL/CHARLIE SHEEN TEAM-UP?" was the question put to Twitter by Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chef Axel Alonso. Given the delightfully absurd proliferation of Deadpool comics over the last several years, it's unknown whether Alonso was being facetious, but nevertheless his call was answered by Ben Christian and Cory Smith. The pair, who operate a comics project called The Independents, authored a one-page Deadpool team-up comic in which Marvel's deranged, fourth-wall-groping "Merc with a Mouth" finally puts an end to Charlie Sheen's reign of comic book terror and sends him back to our world to await his fate.

With respect to Charlie Sheen comics continuity, this is the madman's final appearance in four-color form. Any subsequent Charlie Sheen comics must be considered Times Past stories, if canonical at all. Got it? Station.

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