Movies: Cinemas can now marvel at a giant Mjolnir promoting the release of Thor. [SuperHeroHype]

Sales: Green Lantern #62 topped ICv2's chart of the Top 300 comics sold in February with 71, 517 issues sold, which is the lowest #1 since the site began tracking sales 2001. [ICv2]

Upcoming: Bluewater continues being Bluewater with the announcement of a Charlie Sheen bio comic. Tiger blood will likely not be in the ink. [Blog@]

Interviews: Andy Yen talks to our own Andy Khouri about blogging professionally for CA and elsewhere (and touches on his Underworld obsession, naturally). [Lalawag]
Sculpture: Battle Chasers may never have concluded (even if Image is packaging issues 0-9 in an anthology hardcover), but man alive, Sean Burford's statues are a fitting tribute to the RPG-tacular art of Joe Madureira. [Geek Art]

Gaming: Ghostbustes: Sanctum of Slime's stream crossing shenanigans seem fraught with peril, but the game continues to look fun. [Joystiq]

Books: Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House books are getting a cinematic anime adaptation, and it looks kind of wonderful so far. [ANN]

Magic: National Geographic's real-life recreation of Pixar's UP house takes flight and it's just as insane as it sounds. [Gizmodo]

Music: The Presidents of the United States of America wrote "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)" for Pokémon Black and White, which almost counts as a pokérap. [Joystiq]

If I have to watch it, you have to watch it: Fast Five, y'all. Fast Five. [MTV Movies Blog]

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