A common set of questions at every Valiant Comics panel since Dark Horse wrapped their stint on the properties has been about what's up with a group of characters originally published by Gold Key but later licensed by Valiant in the 1990s: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Solar: Man of the Atom and Magnus: Robot Fighter.

Those questions can be put to bed now, as Dynamite Entertainment, not Valiant, has announced a new line of comics via a license with Dreamworks Classics. Also part of the deal is Doctor Spektor, an "occult detective" character who hasn't been seen since a Gold Key run in the mid '70s aside from a series of reprints from Dark Horse.

The line will be edited by former Marvel editor Nate Cosby, and he's got a pretty fine collection of writers to work with. Mark Waid will be penning the new Doctor Spektor series, Greg Pak will write Turok, Fred Van Lente will take the reins of the Magnus series and Frank Barbiere will handle Solar.

Only two artists, Mirko Colak and Cory Smith, have been announced so far, and they haven't been connected to specific titles yet.

Here's what Waid said about the line, according to a Dynamite press release:

Launching a publishing event like this is an exciting opportunity to show how it can be done well, stylishly, and cohesively. The key (no pun intended), as far as I'm concerned, is to get to the core of these characters so we can, with dynamism and confidence, tell the readers who they are, what they want, and why fans will invest in that.

The new line is set to get going in February 2014.