Marvel’s Luke Cage has officially struck out in his own series, but that hasn’t stopped Jessica Jones fans from wondering if Mike Colter’s Hero for Hire will end up hired back to Hell’s Kitchen. Luke and Jessica will at least reunite for The Defenders, while showrunner Melissa Rosenberg teases if Luke might have any role to play in Jessica Jones Season 2.

A frequent topic of discussion around Luke Cage has seen showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker asked about expanding the character’s identity beyond what Rosenberg introduced in Jessica Jones. Both showrunners have acknowledged little shared development, owing to their demanding schedules, but Rosenberg tells The Hollywood Reporter they’ll have a line on Luke Cage as her team plots out Jessica Jones Season 2:

[Cheo Hodari Coker and I] pass each other in the hall all the time and say hello. But I also have, in my second season, one of the writers on Luke Cage, so in terms of moving forward with what has happened in Luke’s story, with season two, not that that’s as relevant to Jessica’s story this season. But it’s all connected and it’s all very important. So Cheo and I haven’t had a lot of face time, but we’ve passed each other in this.

That said, Rosenberg also seemed to confirm that Mike Colter would be absent from the series, at least in a regular sense:

The thing I’m most sad about is to not work with Mike Colter every day. That was a really great collaboration, and Krysten and Mike had a real special bond and chemistry. We’ll miss him in that regard. But from the beginning, we were like teachers in an elementary school, getting him ready to pass him on to the next show and making sure we’ve done all we can to set him up as best as we can.

Elsewhere of Jessica Jones Season 2, we know the halfway-written season will likely shoot back-to-back with The Defenders, debuting no earlier than 2018. Rosenberg has also previously spoken to the possibility of featuring multiple villains, to fill the void left by David Tennant’s Kilgrave. It was also announced that The Returned, True Blood and Supernatural alum Raelle Tucker had joined Jessica Jones for Season 2, writing to fill the void left by former executive producer Liz Friedman.

We’ll have to binge through the full 13 episodes of Luke Cage to see if Harlem’s hero ends up reconnecting with Jessica before The Defenders, but will Jessica Jones Season 2 feel drastically different if Cage keeps to his own series?


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