At long last, Marvel’s Netflix Jessica Jones finally detects a trailer for our second Defender, chock full of booze, brawling, and one seriously scary David Tennant. We couldn’t help diving way deeper into every frame of footage, so what secrets of Jessica Jones did we smash out?

Beware of major spoilers, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of Marvel’s Jessica Jones trailer!

In addition to a brief glimpse of Jessica throwing someone through the front door of Alias investigations, right off the bat we’re introduced to Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, a bartender in Hell’s Kitchen at this point. Colter previously said of the timeline that his own series would take place after Jessica Jones, as Cage is still a fugitive with skeletons in his closet, trying to lay low for the time being.

Powers That Be

Cage also seems to clue in to the fact that Jessica herself has powers, as we see her taking off, beating up thugs, and holding back a “slow-moving” car.

Worth noting, while Jessica is seen to “fly” out of frame, the character won’t actually take flight in the Netflix version, but rather super-jump, at least for now. Somewhat similar to the comics, the character struggles with maintaining flight.

Additionally, Jessica responds to Luke’s critique of heroism with “Been there, done that,” a reference to her own brief stint as a superhero. How much we actually see of this career remains to be seen.

Jessssssicccaaaaaa …

“What if there were someone else out there, but his ability was to make people do whatever he wanted?”

Jessica remains haunted by David Tennant’s Zebediah Kilgrave, the one to put an end to her superhero career, as we’ll see unfold throughout the trailer.

“You have no idea what I’ve done. What he made me do.”

It’s difficult to make out exactly what we’re seeing here, but this appears to be a mind-controlled Jessica swinging an axe, and apparently bloodying her hands to dig something up (or perhaps a grave?)

The subsequent shots appear to show Kilgrave disposing of Jessica in the street, potentially the end of her stint under his thrall.

Hellcat in the Making

Here, we get our first look at Rachael Taylor as Marvel character Patricia “Patsy” (or in this case, “Trish”) Walker, Jessica’s best friend, assuring her that Kilgrave isn’t around anymore. Eventually ascending the superhero mantle of “Hellcat” in comics, this version will arrive as a former model and syndicated radio talk show host, “Patsy” part of her past as a childhood star.

Looks like Kilgrave gets his claws into her eventually, as well.

You’d Invite David Tennant in Too

We’ll only catch a glimpse of his face a few times during the trailer, but here we see Zebediah Kilgrave’s powers on display, as the villain arrives at a random apartment, instantly imparting a suggestion that its owner would like to invite him in. The man happily acquiesces after a moment, before Kilgrave menacingly locks his young daughter in the closet.

Hope Lost

This is True Detective alum Erin Moriarty in the role of “Hope,” a college student who gets tangled up with Jessica and Kilgrave’s vendetta, and falls under Jessica’s protection.

Hope also mentions that Kilgrave had her “jump for hours, as high as I could,” adding that “He said I was never as good as you.” Could Kilgrave be looking to replicate Jessica’s abilities, or just cruel?

The Purple Man

“Jessica … I’m the only one who matches you. And we’re inevitable.”

Hope’s account also elicit a brief flashback to Jessica’s time under Kilgrave’s thrall, in which she apparently wore some decadent evening wear (the comic saw her wearing considerably less, but that’s another matter). Also take note of Kilgrave’s skin to the left, which appears much more Purple here, perhaps nodding to the character’s literal “Purple Man” appearance in the comics.

Hell’s Kitchen Has it Rough

“God didn’t do this. The Devil did. And I’m gonna find him.”

Oh, that Kilgrave. Always trying to get away with something! Mind-controlled police stations, mass hangings, like one does.

Iron Fist Begins

Initially cast as “Harper,” here stands our only look at Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth, lawyer to the Rand corporation, so named for the family of Danny Rand, our eventual Iron Fist. What exactly she has to do with Jessica Jones remains to be seen.

Nuke It

The lighting isn’t great here, but we might be looking at Wil Traval’s “Simpson,” initially described as a determined NYPD officer, and said to be an amalgamation of Marvel supervillain Nuke.

Strong Hands

Jessica likes to drink, Jessica likes to … well, enjoy herself. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her and Luke Cage in an intimate setting, particularly in the comics, in which the two – SPOILER ALERT – eventually marry and have a child.

Once You See the Ring …

Here’s a particular curiosity, footage of a young boy undergoing experiments on Halloween, 1985. Born in 1971, David Tennant would have been 14 by 1985, putting Kilgrave as the most likely candidate for this young chap.

A Good Neighbor

Our only glimpse of Spartacus alum Eka Darville in the role of Jessica’s neighbor Malcolm, someone (as the shot could tell us) deep in the throes of drug addiction. What the handcuffs represent is anyone’s guess.

Luke, Uncaged

We caught another angle of Jessica’s favorite bar exploding, but worth noting is this figure, calmly emerging from the fire. Skip this sentence if you’d like to avoid spoilers, but this is undoubtedly Luke Cage, as previously observed in set photos of the scene. Whether or not this represents the first we see of his super-strength and durability is another matter.

Allons-y, David

Here we see the only clear look at David Tennant’s face, looking mighty aggravated at the blonde across from him. The woman might be Rachael Taylor’s Trish, or perhaps Erin Moriarty’s Hope, but what could upset the Purple Man so? Has he already been put behind bars?

Well, what do we think? Does Jessica Jones seem like the most intense Marvel property yet? What other details from the trailer are worth another look? Stay tuned for the latest, and knock one back for Jessica Jones‘ November 20 premiere!

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