Prolific musician JG Thirlwell is best known in alternative music circles for his pioneering experimental/industrial work as Foetus and for his remix and production contributions to such acts as Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Marc Almond, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. But to most ComicsAlliance readers, Thirlwell is probably most recognized as the composer of Adult Swim's anarchic superhero sendup, The Venture Bros.

A Brooklyn, New York-based artist, Thirlwell took part in the 2010 edition of the long-running Celebrate Brooklyn festival, where he assumed his Steroid Maximus pseudonym and conducted an eclectic mini-orchestra's performance of music from The Venture Bros. Edited video from those riveting performances (no pun intended... industrial music joke... nevermind) has finally found its way online, and we've got them for you after the jump.The Venture Bros. creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick confirmed last month that Adult Swim has commissioned them to produce two more seasons of the series (plus a 60-90-minute special), of which Thirlwell's beautifully insane music will no doubt be a crucial component.

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