If you're a regular comic book reader, you already know what I'm about to tell you: J.H. Williams III is amazing. The art that he's doing on "Detective Comics" will make your eyes drop out of their sockets and leave you scrambling to find them on the floor. His current run on the Batman title with Greg Rucka -- where Batwoman has displaced the absent Bruce Wayne as the lead character -- is quite simply a classic in the making, and I pity the artist who has to follow him.

What it has made me want -- aside from Williams drawing Batwoman, forever -- are posters of the absolutely stunning two-page spreads that keep exploding across the book, courtesy of Mr. Williams. And while I've posted a few of my favorites here, the great part is that he drops these kinds of masterpieces in his issues pretty much all the time. I would be thrilled to pay money to put them up on my walls, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

A closing caveat: If you've been waiting for the trade -- and I say this as someone who often does -- don't. There aren't many titles that I absolutely cannot wait to look inside every month, but for as long as Williams is drawing, I'll be grabbing it off the rack on new comic book day, ready to be astonished.

(click through for larger, more amazing version on Williams' Flickr page)

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