On their blog The Source, DC Comics reminded readers of a Twitter read-along feature (presumably to be regular) that launches tomorrow on the Twitter accounts of newly minted executives Jim Lee ("All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder") and Geoff Johns ("Blackest Night"). The first book to get the treatment is the first issue of Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales's "First Wave," set in a pulp-influenced alternate DC Universe starring a gun-wielding "Bat-Man," Doc Savage and the Spirit.

The event starts at 3 P.M. PST (6 EST) tomorrow on Twitter under the hashtag #dcreader -- for people who might not be regular Twitter users, the hashtag is an searchable keyword, allowing for all the tweets not only by Johns and Lee but also others reading and following along to be found with a simple search (as long as the tweeter includes the hashtag, of course).

Judging by another of Lee's recent tweets, this would seem to be only the beginning of a new focus on catching up to Marvel in Twitter proliferation -- according to a February 25th tweet (made after his previous announcement of the book club), he claims J. Michael Straczynski (who does not himself have a Twitter account) came up with a "brilliant idea that will revolutionalize DCU & Twitter."

Either way, join Lee and Johns on Wednesday afternoon or evening to take a look, in a book, on a Reading Emotional Spectrum Rainbow.

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