While many comics artists claim that Batman is their favorite superhero to draw, one has to wonder how Jim Lee must feel. The DC Comics Co-Publisher and superstar comic book artist is known for his particularly rendered version of the Dark Knight, which Lee has been drawing more or less ceaselessly for the last ten years in the form of comics, covers, video game production art, merchandise designs, commissions and of course convention sketches. Unluckily for Lee but fortunately for us, the fine people of Sketchbook Pro created a mobile version of their drawing application to help the artist draw Batman in a completely new medium: the iPad's touch interface.Published on YouTube by Jim Lee himself, the timelapse video demonstrates the artist's skill with the iPad and the Sketchbook Pro application, and how this man can draw Batman in virtually any circumstance. Lee noted in the video description that the sped-up clip was originally 20 minutes in length, although some portraits can take up to 80 minutes.

I prefer using my finger to a stylus of any sort--makes it more fun. I honestly have to say this piece was not going in the direction I wanted so I stopped and got back to real work : ) but you get a general sense of how I layer on colors and work positive and negative shapes back and forth to get edges...like in painting.

Bravo, right?

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