I've mentioned this before, but one of the really nice things about being super into Batman is that if you want a statue of that dude in your house, you have plenty of options. You want comics Batman? There's an entire line literally divided up by artist so that you can pick your favorite. Movie Batman? TV Batman? Take your pick, there's a dozen of 'em. Heck, if you want an up-sized, un-articulated version of the Super Powers action figure from the early '80s, they have that, and it is available now. But just in case there weren't enough already, Kotobukiya has a new one coming.

As revealed on their Facebook page, Kotobukiya has an all new Batman statue coming, and he's not alone --- he's brought Robin, the Boy Wonder with him. Check out images below!



There's no further information available at this time, but if you're looking to place the source material for these figures, I have a theory. Given that we rarely see a Batman this bulky teamed up with a Robin in his classic original costume, and since the close-ups of Batman reveal a little bit of stubble, I think it's safe (and pretty surprising) to say that it's actually based on Frank Miller and Jim Lee's unfinished All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder:



As for why they'd be doing that now, your guess is as good as mine. If they'd only waited until August of 2018, they could've capitalized on the 10th anniversary of the last issue to be released.

For more images, including full turnarounds of both Batman and Robin, check Kotobukiya's Facebook page.