Licensed comics are a strange beast, especially when they're adapting movies or shows that never had anything at all to do with comics. I mean, there was a Scarface comic with a pretty great creative team a few years ago that was based on the idea that Tony Montana survived the end of the movie, which, just in case you haven't seen it, is both extremely improbable and also contrary to the entire point of the film.

Sometimes, though, you get something that sounds so awesome that it's hard to believe that it's really happening.

Which brings me to the fact that Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood are doing a Miami Vice comic.

The book is called Miami Vice Remix, out from Lion Forge, the same company making comics based on Knight Rider and Saved by the Bell, and while it might seem odd that Casey and Mahfood would be taking it on, considering what we've seen from them in the past, it's pretty amazing. Their version of Miami Vice is like one that's half-remembered from seeing it on the TV when you were a kid, all blinding neon colors, exaggerated lines, and deadly situations.

In other words, everything about this comic sounds amazing, bizarre, and amazingly bizarre. Check out a preview of the first issue below!