What do Joe Flood and Ang Lee have in common? They've both looked to adapt Yann Martel's Life of Pi to their respective media. Flood may not have had the benefit of a lifelike CG tiger, but his Life of Pi pages have a vibrance all their own. It's only a shame that they're not part of a full-length graphic novel adaptation.Flood has handled art duties on Hellcity, Stan Nicholls' Orcs and the comic adaptation of Napoleon Hill's classic advice book Think and Grow Rich. He describes his attempts to adapt Life of Pi as a "graphic novel project [that] was not meant to be," which is sad given his obvious love for the book. He does have another project coming out this fall, The Cute Girl Network, written by MK Reed (who wrote the fabulous YA censorship comic Americus) and Papercutter editor Greg Means. The Cute Girl Network is due out in November from First Second. In the meantime, you can read the rest of Flood's Life of Pi pages and see more of his artwork on his blog.

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