The "Jonah Hex" trailer has finally hit the wider web, and it looks fun! It's an action movie, so pretty much everything blows up, and Josh Brolin rocks the hideous disfigurement of Hex with only minimal slurring. They address the scarring of Hex's face in the trailer, and rather than the more traditional "burned with a red-hot tomahawk" origin or the "viciously beaten by Union soldiers during the Civil War" from the currently ongoing Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray version, the movie decides to go with "a bunch of bad guys burn his family alive and brand his face but don't kill him because something something." OK!

Notables include: Everything blowing up even more, Lt. Daniel (Lance Reddick) from "The Wire" selling Hex a boatload of weaponry, Megan Fox acting bored and unconvincing (especially when she attempts an accent), and also Will Arnett is there for a second. Personally, though, the highlight is the horse covered in chainguns that Hex pulls out in the middle of a firefight. Horses with chainguns, friends. Check it out after the jump.

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