BBC chat-show host Jonathan Ross has a new book at Image with artist Ian Churchill, and from the looks of it, you might call it "Hollywood Punisher."

The actual title is The Revenger, and the series follows Griffin Franks (that last name doesn't seem to be an accident) after his wonderful life gets ripped away from him.

Here's the full description of the series, via an Image press release:

When Franks shoots to the top of his game and gains the recognition and Hollywood fame he’s always dreamed of, he becomes a target. He’s a star celebrity, his movie’s a hit, and his wife leaves men drooling in her wake. But just when he feels like he’s finally “made it” someone decides to rip the rug out from underneath him... and the face off his skull.

The new series comes hot off the heels of Ross' previous series, America's Got Powers, which finished up last month. A preview of the new series will appear in the next issue of Elephantmen, which hits stands December.

The Revenger #1 will be available Feburary 26.