It's no wonder that PopCap Games is reportedly getting bought up for $1 billion with artists like Jordan Kotzebue making quirky, sprawling landscape art for their most recent Bejeweled sequel. That's not all that Kotzebue draws, though. He also sketches some fearsome ThunderCats and He-Man fan art.
Kotzebue's got a light feel to his figures-sort of like a J. Scott Campbell-with lanky features and animated expressions. He also does a boss Wolverine vs. Hulk confrontation and has a tight handle on their proportions.

Those pieces and Kotzebue's PopCap contributions can be seen on his art blog. His Lion-O looks like he's about to go full were-cat with the Sword of Omens in hand. If Lion-O's a little too hairy for your tastes, Kotzebue's also made some Mister Miracle and Big Barda sketches that do justice to Jack Kirby's posing sensibilities.

Have a look at those and more below, and remember Kotzebue the next time your sinking hours of your life into lining up jewel combinations.