Joss Whedon announced his next project at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, and it marks his unexpected return to comics, as he heads back to Dark Horse Comics for the mini series Twist.

In the announcement than ran in Entertainment Weekly, Whedon pitches the six-issue miniseries as follows:


It’s a Victorian thriller about a meek chambermaid who is fed to a dark horror --- but instead of dying, she returns, with knowledge, power, and rage she can neither deny nor control.


Whedon also referred to his lead character as "Victorian, female Batman".

Twist marks one of Whedon's first ventures into new territory in quite a while --- the writer has spent the last few years attempting to hold the Marvel Cinematic Universe together, while also consulting on Dark Horse's ongoing Buffy comics. It's no surprise that this new book has a female lead character, or that it's being published at Dark Horse. Whedon has had a very successful creative relationship with editor Scott Allie for years.

This is notably being referred to as a creator-owned comic from Whedon, though with no artist announced for the project, Whedon may be the only creator participating in ownership; the artist may be work-for-hire.

Julian Totino Tedesco provided the cover above, though EW state that he won't be the interior artist here, and he has confirmed this on Twitter. Credit for the logo goes to Nate Piekos. Watch this space for more details.

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