Mega City One has been through an awful lot over the past few years. Not only is there the usual crime that comes with being a fascist future state, but the city's also had to deal with stuff like the Chaos Plague, space lasers, all sorts of other problems. It's got so bad, in fact, that the city's 40,000 wealthiest citizens have got together to buy a spaceship and just get the heck out of Earth before something else happens.

That's where John Wagner and Greg Staples' Judge Dredd: Dark Justice picks up, with the launch of the Mayflower into deep space. Oh, and also the Dark Judges, the genocidal, immortal, inter-dimensional entities who see life itself as a crime, and punish it with mass murder are also coming back. So, you know, I'll let you guess how well that's gonna work out for 'em.

Dark Justice represents the latest of Wagner's brutal and highly entertaining epics, and if you missed it when it ran in the pages of 2000 AD, there's good news: The newest collection is set for release on July 14, telling the full story of Dredd and Anderson taking on the Dark Judges... in outer spaaaaace! Check out a preview:












Here's the official solicitation:

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice
Hardcover, $24.99
Having previously been destroyed by nuclear fire and dragged to hell by the vengeful spirits of those he had murdered, alien superfiend Judge Death has managed to return to the world. United with his ‘brothers’ – Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis – the quartet of terror have invaded The Mayflower - a starship populated by four thousand of Mega-City One’s richest citizens. Psi-Division’s Cassandra Anderson discovers that Death has returned and now she and Judge Dredd must travel into deep space in an attempt to stop the Dark Judges once and for all.